Bohemia Mandiga F.C.I.

About us ...

Our kennel was established in 1992. We breed Chihuahuas and Swiss white shepherds under CMKU and FCI. Our dogs are members of our household, veterans also pets have their certain place in our big dog family. We give to our dogs all free time and love of course. Above all dog breeding and showing are our lifetime hobby. House, garden also our time is quite conformed to our dogs needs. In breeding we follow exterior and health as well as blood value of our dogs' ancestors also of ancestors of studs we use for mating. Our main priorities are: health, exterior, character and great bloodline.

Dogs showing is our big hobby. Our dogs as well as our kennel offspring accomplish high awards on dogs exhibitions in our country even abroad. During the whole year we are on many of shows at Europe.

We have the puppies several time to year. For our puppies we look for only good owners - breeders also exhibitors but mainly we want to our dogs would be the best members in their new families.

Our puppies are breed with love. We strive about their socialization and ther good upbringing before they leave us to new home.. Puppies are wormed and vaccinated of course, chipped and have EU pass of course. You can contact us by e-mail during all year and get information about planned litters and puppies for actually sale.

From the year 2005 we started test all our chihuahuas at breeding for the patella luxations. Our chihuahua boys are DNA tested too.

We are member of Czech Breeders Club of Chihuahuas. We breed puppies only with officiall FCI pedigree under CMKU and FCI. 

                                                                                                      M+J Dreksler